Say No to Planned Parenthood!


Reasons to Oppose Planned Parenthood (PP)

We defend life, and in doing so, we oppose efforts to intentionally take human life.  Abortion stands out right now as the largest threat to human life in our nation, and Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider.  They are also present locally.  Because they have a local presence and it’s the best place to show opposition to abortion or other efforts to end life, we pray outside with respectful signs, but also want people to know why we stand in opposition to the abortion industry.  This list provides several reasons.  Because it’s a serious matter, links point to our sources.


  1. 1.Teen pregnancy rates drop over 45% after PP Leaves Communities

  2. 2.Consumer Reports ranked PP condoms dead last in terms of effectiveness (2005)

  3. 3.Former director of abortions says abortion providers have goals to increase abortions
    (Carol Everett)

  4. 4.Study shows 99% positive correlation between government funding PP and abortions; what will they do with your money, since such a strong correlation exists with government funding, which isn’t supposed to fund abortions?

  5. 5.Abortion rates drop when organizations offering alternatives compete with PP

  6. 6.Cheaper alternatives exist for real health care that doesn’t involve abortion, and offers many more health services

Planned Parenthood appears to increase abortions, especially when funded heavily.  So what are they solving?

Legal Concerns from Whistle-Blowers and Government

  1. 7.HALF of Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin involved fraud according to Wisconsin’s auditor’s report

  2. 8.Allegations suggest PP double-bills Medicaid (per Sue Thayer)

  3. 9.Allegations suggest PP excessively marks-up product costs

  4. 10.Allegations suggest PP charges government for all but one step of abortions, which is against the intent of existing laws

  5. 11.Allegations suggest PP engaged in fraud when billing Medicaid for things they charged clients for, even after asking the low-income clients for donations!
    (some evidence suggests PP has done this locally)

  6. 12.Even the 9th Circuit found PP guilty of fraud in California

  7. 13.Abby Johnson blew the whistle on taxpayer funds paying for abortions at PP

  8. 14.Repeatedly violating the law by failing to report rapes allows rapists to victimize more women often; Undercover videos exposed this; Undercover audio shows 91% of facilities are willing to illegally cover-up crimes of rape for rapists
    (Links: 1-General, 2-AZ, 3-CO)

  9. 15.Past PP managers and several undercover videos raise concerns about PP performing illegal partial-birth abortions, selling the body parts of abortion victims, etc.
    (Links: Manager, Videos: One, Two, Three, Four)

  10. 16.Some abortionists sexually abuse clients, sometimes for decades, knowing their clients remain silent to avoid admitting getting an abortion
    (Links: PP: 1; Non-PP: 1, 2)

  11. 17.PP has violated HIPAA laws when they left all of their client records in the Dubuque, Iowa facility after closing it down; the penalty for that many violations could amount to $3.8 billion dollars

With rare, if any inspections, the problems and violations of law within Planned Parenthood require undercover videos and whistle-blowers.  Imagine what isn’t brought to light.

Money Pours In To PP

  1. 18.PP gets money from donors, including many of the wealthiest US citizens

  2. 19.PP gets donations from countless businesses of all sizes

  3. 20.PP gets money from other non-profit organizations

  4. 21.PP gets money from clients

  5. 22.PP gets money by making organs from aborted children available to businesses

  6. 23.PP gets money from the US government

  7. 24.President Obama frequently bypasses states to fund PP directly

  8. 25.PP gets money from state governments

  9. 26.PP sometimes gets money from local governments

  10. 27.When the government stops funding them, PP sues them
    (Links: 1-TN-2012, 2-AZ-2012, 3-OK-2012, 4-TX-2014, 5-LA-2015)

  11. 28.When non-profit organizations stop funding them, abortion supporters cripple them

With money coming from so many sources; with money bypassing the wills of states; and with the aggressive efforts to force continued funding, Planned Parenthood shouldn’t need your money.  With how they treat former donors, you shouldn’t want to be put in the situation faced by others who tried to stop funding them.

PP Pushes Dangerous Webcam Abortions

  1. 29.PP invented webcam abortions using RU-486

  2. 30.PP rapidly spread webcam abortions across Iowa, where it started

  3. 31.PP wasn’t able to spread them in many other states because of bans put in place

  4. 32.PP sends women home to abort on their own; they have to figure out if the blood and pain is worse than ‘normal’; if so, they have to overcome temptations to hide their abortion; they have to hope a hospital is close enough to their rural community or death is possible

  5. 33.Sewer systems aren’t intended for the disposal of dead bodies; babies deserve better

Pro-choice people who understand what webcam abortions are often don’t like them.  But Planned Parenthood pushes hard, regardless.

PP Doesn’t Meet Standards & Fights Them

  1. 34.PP is rarely, if ever inspected

  2. 35.When inspected, they appear to avoid proper inspections

  3. 36.PP is usually allowed to perform abortions without meeting surgical standards

  4. 37.PP fights attempts to bring them up to common standards

  5. 38.PP even claims that major issues aren’t a big deal, not worthy of inspections

  6. 39.When PP is forced to comply, they often go out of business since they are so far out of compliance, as happened in Texas

  7. 40.PP has hurt numerous women, only a few of which come forward

If an organization claims to offer “safe” and “legal” services, and makes people think they are the best at what they do, they shouldn’t have to close when held to minimum medical standards.

PP is Dishonest & Fights Against Common Sense

  1. 41.PP coaches girls to get through a judicial bypass so they can perform abortions without parents knowing

  2. 42.PP fights parental notification laws that are common for other medical procedures, even in Iowa

  3. 43.PP repeatedly claimed to offer mammograms, while they don’t; they didn’t have a single mammogram machine or staff certified to offer them

  4. 44.When a cancer charity announced they would stop funding PP, the charity was nearly destroyed after people who favor PP attacked their website and flooded them with such backlash that the charity resumed funding PP

  5. 45.PP sues states that stop funding them as if they are entitled to taxpayer funds

  6. 46.PP publicly states the goal to reduce abortions, but has internal goals to increase abortions at each facility (page 238 of the book 40 Days for Life)

  7. 47.PP publicly states the goal to reduce abortions, but reward increasing abortions

  8. 48.While most people want to see a reduction in abortions (make them rare), PP has asked people to pray for MORE abortions

  9. 49.PP has awards for their sites that exceed their internal abortion goals; exceeding the goal means MORE abortions

No one should trust Planned Parenthood without verifying what they claim.

PP Pushes Sex Ed For Their Own Benefit

  1. 50.“Comprehensive Sex Ed” increases sexual activity by as much as 50% (Louis Harris & Associates, also referenced on page 252 of the book 40 Days for Life)

  2. 51.Carol Everett says sex ed is part of a strategy to sell abortions

  3. 52.PP’s idea of sex ed resembles what the FBI identifies as a sexual molester grooming paradigm

  4. 53.Lowers sexual inhibitions of children: Overcome fears by showing pictures of other children engaging in sexual activities, it is okay to have sex with adults because others do it

  5. 54.Desensitize children to sex: Expose them to sexual acts before they are naturally curious about such activities (pornography)

  6. 55.When minors are asked, they say they want to know how to turn down sexual advances without offending/upsetting the other person so they can still be friends; they are less interested in what is being taught to them about having sex

  7. 56.Sexually arouse children: Use pornography to arouse victims, particularly those in adolescence

  8. 57.Local news reported that PP has staff educating students throughout our county

When people see what PP considers age-appropriate content, they typically disagree.

PP Provides Less at Higher Costs Compared to FQHCs

FQHC: Federally Qualified Health Center

  1. 58.PP receives $162 per patient, compared to $102 per patient at FQHCs
    (58-63% more)

  2. 59.PP receives $608,750 per facility, compared to $246,913 per FQHC facility
    (2.46 times as much)

There are more cost-effective providers that don’t offer abortions, and offer more beneficial services.

PP Counteracts True Health in Many Cases

  1. 60.HPV has spread to epidemic levels through PP’s promotion of sexual activity and methods of STD/STI protection that aren’t effective at preventing the spread of HPV.  HPV is the primary cause of cervical cancer. After being paid to do the things that led to the epidemic, now they get paid again to treat it.

  2. 61.We plan to include a source before pointing to the way abortions lead to breast cancer (the majority of studies show this among women under age 30 that have abortions before having other children).

When harm is caused, those causing harm normally have to pay.  But when Planned Parenthood causes harm, they are often paid again to address problems.

Women Deserve Better

  1. 62.The few good things people point out about PP are things that are now mandated by law to include in health insurance coverage. So people can go anywhere for these services.

  2. 63.When comparing organizations that focus on reproductive health, PP focuses on how to counteract the normal function of the reproductive system, while FertilityCare™ clinics appear far superior, since they treat underlying problems, rather than masking symptoms the way PP often does.

    FertilityCare clinics tout the following results:

  3. 1 ½ to 3 times more effective than IVF

  4. Up to 80% success rate in treating infertility

  5. 79% effective in the prevention of repetitive miscarriages

  6. 95% effective in treating Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

  7. 95% effective in treating Post Partum Depression (PPD)

  8. Cuts rate of premature birth by 50%

  9. Reduces hysterectomy rate by 75%

  10. Boasts a multiple-pregnancy rate of 3.2%, lower than IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies

  1. 64.The Cedar Rapids PP has been in business for many decades. It’s been in its current location for more than a decade. Despite this, at the time this list was compiled, every review on Google from their clients rated PP with 1 star on a 5-star rating system (see image below.) That is the LOWEST rating available, which they get consistently over several years. Women deserve better.

This is in its early stages; check back for a more complete list

Do you have additions to this list?  Contact us!

Iowa Abortion Facility Map

Red:      Surgical Abortions

Yellow: Medical Abortions (pill/webcam)

Blue:     Chemical and Referral

Green:  Closed Locations

Google Rating for Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood