Prayerful Presence


Join People Praying Any Day!

To bring prayer year-round to locations that commit abortions, we keep track of weekly prayer times of people who pray year-round outside the Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood abortion facility. When you join us, please remain on the sidewalk and be respectful of others.

Date:       Daily

Time:       Varies

Venue:     Sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood

Address:   3425 First Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

More Info: See below

If you have never prayed outside Planned Parenthood and want someone else with you that knows what is allowed and not allowed, or just want a companion out there, contact:

    Ron: 319-378-6925

In the past...

People have prayed outside of facilities where others commit abortion, but few people knew when prayer was going to happen. Many people prefer to pray with others, so we found it critical to make these time slots known. Our Prayer Flash Mobs sometimes pair up to the same times, although not always. That’s where the photo on this page came from, since the prayerful presence usually occurs in small groups.

Contact us if you want to start a Sunday group

11 am - 12 noon [AS]

10 - 11 am [SA], 1 - 2 pm [LD,Px]

12 noon - 1 pm [?], 3 - 4 pm [SM], 4 - 5 pm [SL]

Contact us if you want to start a Thursday group

12 noon - 1 pm [SJ], 1 - 2 pm [SP]

11 am - 12 noon [SM]








Weekly Time Slots