40 Days for Life - Cedar Rapids


About 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life draws attention to the evil of abortion through:

  1. Prayer and Fasting

  2. Peaceful Vigil

  3. Community Outreach

Prayer and Fasting

We offer opportunities to pray for an end to abortion. We also encourage fasting. You may fast from food, TV, internet, or anything that takes priority in your life.

Peaceful Vigil

We gather for a peaceful prayer vigil outside of the local abortion facility. It draws visibility to these pro-life efforts.

Community Outreach

We bring our message door-to-door, making people aware of ways to confront abortion.

Our next 40 Days for Life occurs from Mar 1 - Apr 9, 2017

We pray for 40 days outside the Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood abortion facility each spring and fall. Join us! Check out the official 40 Days for Life website for more information about this activity.

  1. Statement Of Peace - Participants commit to lawful & respectful behavior

  2. Vigil Sign-Up Site

  3. Vigil Participant Guide - New, shorter version!

  4. Leader Guide

Date:       Wednesday, Mar 1 - Sunday, Apr 9, 2017

Time:       24 hours a day, one-hour time slots

Venue:     Sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood

Address:   3425 First Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

More Info: 40 Days for Life

Each Year, Abortion Claims Up To:

  1. 556 lives in Linn County

  2. 6,728 lives in Iowa

  3. 1.25 million lives in the US

  4. 42 million lives globally

Why Pray at Planned Parenthood?

  1. Largest Iowa abortion provider

  2. Largest US abortion provider

  3. Offer webcam abortions far from help for life-threatening complications

  4. Lives have been saved just by women seeing us pray locally

  5. Planned Parenthood refers women to have abortions

Amazing Local Results!

2008: Started praying for 40 days, and a local abortion facility closed!

2011: Started praying outside Planned Parenthood. Their local management resigned.

2011-2012: Planned Parenthood experienced 100% turnover of all employees.

2011-2013: Abortions on Linn County women dropped over 37% in just 3 years!

2014: Planned Parenthood stopped performing webcam abortions in Cedar Rapids!

Help save lives, spare women and men from regret, and set aside some time for prayer. Join us! Check out the official 40 Days for Life website for more information about this activity.

The video focuses on fall, but we coordinate 40 Days for Life each spring & fall.